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Exclusive Look Inside Durst's One WTC Playroom In the Sky

This coming Monday, tenants of 1 World Trade Center will officially be able to grab a cup of coffee and play a round of pool 64 floors above the ground.

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The New Shapes of New York

The soaring spires, the sloping shores, the straitjacket of the street grid — many things give form to the great metropolis. The skyline may be our most recognizable feature, despite how unrecognizable it can often be.

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For Some Office Workers, the Sky's the Limit

It is peculiar to consider that you can actually go to work in the Empire State Building or One World Trade Center, two of the world’s most famous skyscrapers.

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A Look Inside One WTC's 'Piazza' In The Sky

Two summers ago, executives from the Durst Organization started to notice that tenants on upper floors of 1 World Trade Center began to mingle when they waited for the elevator. Because the 3-million-square-foot tower is 90 floors, any occupant of 65 or higher has to switch at the sky lobby on the 64th level. Durst executives found this getting to know each other stuff to be so important that they decided to scrap an earlier plan to lease the 31,288-square-foot 64th floor and instead turn it into a place in which tenants could gather.

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Millenial Media Firm Inks OneWTC Lease

NEW YORK CITY—Another media tenant has signed onto One World Trade Center—and this time, the occupier is a firm that caters to the millennial generation. The Durst Organization and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have signed a 36,000-square-foot lease with the news outlet Mic for the entire 82nd floor of One World Trade Center. The property is now 67% leased.

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Digital News Startup Mic Signs 10.5-year Lease at OneWTC

Digital news startup Mic has signed a 10.5-year lease for the entire 82nd floor of 1 World Trade Center, the Durst Organization confirmed on Monday. Mic reporter Jack Smith IV tweeted photos from the company's new 36,000-square foot space.

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Millennial Media Site Mic Moving to OneWTC This Summer

Mic, a media company geared toward millennials, is moving its digs to the entire 82nd floor of One World Trade Center, according to a spokeswoman for Mic. The company will assume the 36,000 square feet in July, she said, as per a lease that was signed last Friday.

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Fifth Ave.’s makeover could bring new indoor shopping mall

In the newest lease at One World Trade Center, media company Mic Network has signed for the entire 82nd floor with 36,000 square feet, tower owners the Port Authority and Durst Organization said on Monday.

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Financial Services Firm, Two Tech Companies Take 15K SF at OneWTC

Three companies have signed deals to relocate or expand in 1 World Trade Center, for a total of 15,544 square feet, landlords Durst Organization and the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey recently announced. In the largest transaction, financial startup Kensho Technologies has signed a five-year, 7,530-square-foot deal for built-to-suit offices on the 46th floor. It already relocated from its 3,510-square-foot space on the 45th floor in December. Michael Mathias of Savills Studley, who represented Kensho in the transaction, declined to comment via a spokeswoman.

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One World Trade Center is Key to Durst's Broadcast Push

Company Plans to outfit tower's spire with antennas to service broadcasters leaving Empire State Building